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A Girl and her Bugs


So….Lucy is quite proud of her latest find – a whole dead cockroach in perfect condition.  I, however, am a bit less than thrilled.  I don’t like the idea of this thing sitting on my counter – even if it is in a sealed plastic bag.

Here’s the deal…

Our zoo is doing a thing called “The Swap Shop.”  It’s basically a way to get kids interested in their environment.  If they find something neat in nature, they save it and learn about it at the library.  Afterwards, they take that interesting thing (aka Cockroach Friend) and tell the zoo peeps everything they learned.  They then trade their little gem for something cooler at the swap shop.  The kids earn points based on how rare the item is, what condition it is in, and how much they learn in the process.

Lucy has taken off with this project in the last week.  So far, we have collected all insects (found, not killed, of course): 3 cicada shells, 1 grasshopper, 1 bee, and 1 roach. She has already started a little journal complete with facts and illustrations.  Very cute and definitely to be kept until she’s 30.

Here’s the icing on the cake:

Ben and Cora were in the other room playing a game of “Hot Potato.” So Lucy wandered in and asked her father tonight, “Hey Dad, can we play hot-potato with my dead roach?’

Awesome – may my nightmares begin.  Ugh. *shivers and goosebumps*

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