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Disney Road Trip 2014


This past February, we took a family road trip to Florida and visited Disney World.  Nanny and Granddaddy met up with us down there.  We drove on the weekends, and spent Monday through Friday exploring the parks.  As usual, the girls both had a blast.  Lucy has been asking to go to Disney since she could first speak.  And she has had several friends going to the park in the past year.  So we couldn’t disappoint.  We’ll probably do the same thing again in three years, once Cora turns 5.  That seems to be the magical age to really soak up what you are seeing and doing, and also the perfect height for almost every roller coaster they have!

San Diego Trip – Coate Christmas 2013

So, it’s March and I am just now posting pictures from our Christmas trip with Ben’s family.  Typical tardiness….do you expect anything different at this point?  Honestly, I thought I had already done this ages ago.  Oops.  So here are the highlights of the trip.  I don’t have cute titles to go along with all the pics.  If I were to do that, it would take another 3 months before this post could happen!




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Mmmm… Donuts!


Double Trouble


Morning Expectations