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And They’re Off!

Yesterday I took the training wheels off Lucy’s bicycle.  Today she’s a pro.


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Inaugural Fishing Trip with GramPa

It has been maybe 10 years since I have been fishing with my father out in Galveston.  We use to have father/daughter trips every few months when I was in high school….even into college.  So we decided to re-jump-start the tradition with Lucy this past weekend.

GramPa came by about 6:30am to pick us up.  On our drive up to I-10, all three of us spotted something strange in the dark, morning sky.  At first glance, we thought maybe a plane had caught fire and was in distress…all we could see was something shooting across the sky with what appeared to be flames creating a long tail.  Then after a few seconds, the light went out and the object disappeared.  Our best guess was that we just saw a huge meteorite fly over us.  That was an amazing sighting, and a fun way to start the trip!

We made it to Galveston island around 8am.  Perfect.  We even found our original donut shop!  Yup.  20 years later, Donut Palace is still in business!  We even think the building is the same strange pink/fuchsia color it was 20 years ago!

The fishing wasn’t very exciting, but the experience was wonderful.  After sticking it out for 1 hour in 58 degree weather and high winds (which means it felt like 45degrees at most), we decided to take a break and visit Academy for some extra layers for Lucy.  She became much more excited about the fishing once the miserable cold was buffered by an extra sweatshirt, pink gloves, and a face mask.

I caught the first and largest fish of the day – a 26″ Spanish Mackerel.  All the other fisherman made this big stink about what a great catch it was…”oh, that’s good eatin’!” is what we kept hearing.  So I decided that I couldn’t just throw it back (which is what I originally intended to do).  I promptly prepped it later that night and baked it a few days later.  To my dismay, Spanish Mackerel is a deliciously disgusting filet of fish.  I felt like I had Galveston Bay in my mouth.  I think next time, I will just pass it off to the guy standing next to me, telling me how wonderful a catch it is.

Lucy caught the next fish.  We’re not really sure what kind it was.  It was about 5″ long….quite the prize for a little girl waiting patiently in the cold breeze after 2 hours of NOTHING.

Poor GramPa got skunked in the end.  But if you ask, he’ll swear up and down that it was the trip that made it fun, not any actual catch.

We all felt very lucky to have caught those 2 fish that morning.  We were joined on the pier by at least 20-30 other fisherman….but only saw maybe 2-3 other fish caught.

So all in all, it was a fantastic trip.  Many more to come – hopefully including Dallas……and in a few years, Cora!


Pumpkin Patch Kids


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A Girl and her Bugs


So….Lucy is quite proud of her latest find – a whole dead cockroach in perfect condition.  I, however, am a bit less than thrilled.  I don’t like the idea of this thing sitting on my counter – even if it is in a sealed plastic bag.

Here’s the deal…

Our zoo is doing a thing called “The Swap Shop.”  It’s basically a way to get kids interested in their environment.  If they find something neat in nature, they save it and learn about it at the library.  Afterwards, they take that interesting thing (aka Cockroach Friend) and tell the zoo peeps everything they learned.  They then trade their little gem for something cooler at the swap shop.  The kids earn points based on how rare the item is, what condition it is in, and how much they learn in the process.

Lucy has taken off with this project in the last week.  So far, we have collected all insects (found, not killed, of course): 3 cicada shells, 1 grasshopper, 1 bee, and 1 roach. She has already started a little journal complete with facts and illustrations.  Very cute and definitely to be kept until she’s 30.

Here’s the icing on the cake:

Ben and Cora were in the other room playing a game of “Hot Potato.” So Lucy wandered in and asked her father tonight, “Hey Dad, can we play hot-potato with my dead roach?’

Awesome – may my nightmares begin.  Ugh. *shivers and goosebumps*